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The Story of the King of Spices who made a Global Mark

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Do you know the story behind the product with a famous jingle, “Asli Masale Sach Sach, MDH”?

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, famously known as the ‘MDH uncle’, ‘Dadaji’, ‘Masala King’, or ‘King of Spices’ is the owner & CEO of MDH (Mahshian Di Hatti). Born in 1919 in Pakistan’s Sialkot, his father Chuni Lal sold #spices at a shop called Mahasian Di Hatti. However, after the partition in 1947, the family moved to Delhi in India. Gulati bought a horse-drawn carriage (Tanga) with the money his father gave him. Back then, when he realized that his father’s #business wasn’t doing well, he decided to open a small shop.

He restarted his own family business of selling spices. In 1953, Gulati rented a shop in Chandni Chowk, named it MDH. The company was officially established in 1959 when Gulati bought land in Kirti Nagar & set up a manufacturing unit as he saw the spices market picking up. Later, Gulati rented one more shop in Chandni Chowk to begin his factory

Currently, MDH manufactures nearly 50 different varieties of spices & has 15 factories across #India with global exports. Gulati became highest-paid FMCG CEO in India in 2017!. 90% of his salary goes to charity!

An inspiring Indian businessman with an open heart, who once drove a Tanga, is now the ‘King of Spices’!

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