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From Selling Soap to Becoming One of The World’s Largest Toothpaste Brand

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From producing soaps to the world’s largest toothpaste brand. William Colgate, the founder of Colgate was the son of Robert Colgate who worked in the fields to raise his family in England. In 1798, he moved to the USA with his entire family & started making soap & candles

Unfortunately, the #business was not successful & the financial condition became worse. At 16, William Colgate decided to leave home & work. After a few yrs of small work, he moved to New York City in 1804, where he started working in a soap factory. After working for 2 yrs, he left the company & started his own business of making soap in 1806

He named this company “William Colgate & Company” & opened an acc in the name of “God”, is a religious man. He used to have the 10th part of the company’s profits in that acc for donation. With more growth & profits, he started donating 50% of God’s account’s profits. After becoming #successful, on 25 Mar 1857, he bid adieu to this world

His 3 sons Robert, James & Samuel took over & moved the firm into the field of oral hygiene. They launched 1st toothpaste in 1873, which came in Jars. In 1928, joined hands with the Palmolive Pal – Molive company

Today, it is the world’s 59th most valuable brand. How confident & CLEAR are you while betting on Colgate’s stock?

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